Attention: There will be major changes to the API soon that will require migration work. Please check our upcoming releases page and deprecation schedule frequently for updates. You may also sign up for our mailing list to receive updates.

Work with client libraries

The Google My Business API client libraries provide improved language integration and simplified user authentication.

Before working with the Google My Business API you need to register your application and obtain OAuth 2.0 credentials. See Basic Setup for details on how to start working with the Google My Business API.

Note: These instructions assume a Unix-like environment.

Client library downloads

Visit the Libraries page to get the latest Google My Business API client libraries.

The Google My Business API client library makes use of the Google API Client Libraries for error handling, managing requests and responses, OAuth, and other common functionality.

A Discovery document is available to aid in auto-generating your own client libraries if support for your programming language of choice is not currently available for download.

Example client library usage

Visit GitHub to view and download full samples of working with client libraries.