The Business Profile Performance API is now launched! Migration work is required.
Review the deprecation schedule and instructions to migrate over to new v1 APIs from older deprecated v4 API.
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Usage limits

The following sections outline rate limits specific to various actions.

CreateLocation calls

  • One query per second (QPS) per project.
  • 100 queries per day (QPD).

GoogleLocations calls

  • Five QPS per project.
  • 200 QPD per project.

[Update|Delete|Associate]Location calls

  • Five QPS per project.
  • 10,000 QPD per project.

Insights calls

  • 10 QPS per project.
  • Unlimited daily use.

All other calls

  • 50 QPS per project.
  • Unlimited daily use.

If you need higher limits, you can submit a Standard quota request.