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The Google My Business API client libraries support the functionality of the Google My Business API. They provide functionality that's common to all Google APIs, such as HTTP transport, error handling, authentication, JSON parsing, and support for protocol buffers.

The following client libraries for Java, PHP, and C# are available for you to download:

Download Java client library (with source)

Download PHP client library

Download C# client library

To learn how to integrate the Java client library in to your application, see How to work with client libraries.

You can use Gradle to prepare the Java sample application for use in the Eclipse IDE. See Eclipse Plugins to learn more.

Discovery document

The Google My Business API discovery document is a JSON document that describes the surface for a particular version of the API. You use the discovery document in conjunction with the Google API Discovery Service.

Download discovery document

Detailed error responses

To enable more detailed error messages in responses, such as absent required fields, add the following additional header to your requests:


For additional information on error message responses, see the ErrorCode, ErrorDetail, InternalError, and ValidationError pages in the Shared.Types section.