The Business Profile Performance API is now launched! Migration work is required.
Review the deprecation schedule and instructions to migrate over to new v1 APIs from older deprecated v4 API.
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Business Profile overview

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An online presence is important for merchants, and a majority of online customers use a search engine to find businesses and make purchases from them. Customers who search locally in Google Search or Maps find Business Profile listings right where they search, one click away from the merchant's listing.

Business Profile provides a fast and easy way for businesses, products, brands, artists, and organizations to manage their online presence with Google.

When a small business owner shows potential customers what makes their business special, they're more likely to attract new customers on Google. Business owners can easily establish and complete their Google listing by sharing photos, business hours, a link to their website, and real-time updates.

Listings are also where customers learn about a business, leave reviews, and share pictures of their experience with products or services.

Business Profile

The Business Profile APIs are programming interfaces that allow developers to write applications to manage their Business Profile account and location data.

The APIs allow merchants or their representatives to manage how their data is presented across Google and control who co-manages their data. User-created data, such as photos, posts, and reviews, can be managed through the APIs.

The APIs support a subset of the features available on the Business Profile interface. For the features that are available in the APIs, all functionality and quality guidelines are the same as that of the full interface.

To retrieve local business information and provide location awareness to end users, see the Google Maps Platform documentation.

If you're a developer who wants to write applications that manage your Business Profile data, or you're a developer who uses the AdWords API to manage manual location extensions, we recommend that you sign up for the Business Profile APIs.

APIs functionality

The Business Profile APIs offer much of the same functionality as the Business Profile user interface, plus some additional features specific to the APIs. Users of the APIs can expect Google updates to occur just as they do for users of the user interface. For more information on Google updates, see Manage Google updates.

Rate limit restrictions apply to the Business Profile APIs. For more information, see Usage limits.