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To successfully create your first client application, you must complete the following prerequisites:

  1. Get a Google Account.
  2. Try out Google My Business.
  3. Create a project in the Google API Console.
  4. Request access to the API.

Get a Google Account

You need a Google Account in order to create a project in the Google API Console. If you already have an account, you're all set.

Try out Google My Business

This API documentation assumes that you've used Google My Business before, and that you're familiar with web programming concepts and web data formats.

If you haven't used Google My Business, try out the user interface before you start to code.

Create a project in the Google API Console

Before you can send requests to the Google My Business API, you need to use the Google API Console to create a project, and then request access to the Google My Business API for that project. To create a new project, go to the Google API Console. Click Create project, enter a name, and click Create.

Request access to the API

You must complete the following steps to enable your project and access the API:

  1. Go to the Google API Console and select the project you created for use with Google My Business.
  2. To determine your project ID, look in the Project ID column.
  3. Complete and submit the access request form.
  4. A follow-up email is sent to you after your request has been reviewed.
  5. After approval, see Basic setup to enable the Google My Business API for your project.