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Manage real-time notifications

In Google My Business API, notifications are published in conjunction with Google Cloud Pub/Sub. Before enabling notifications, you need to follow the get started guide to set up Google Cloud Pub/Sub and create a topic.

After a topic is created, you can perform the following operations on notifications:

Get started

  1. Follow the Google Cloud Pub/Sub guide to set up your application.
  2. Create a topic in your Google Cloud Pub/Sub Project and note the name of the created topic.
  3. Give at least publish permissions to
  4. Set up either push or pull notifications by following the Subscriber Guide to set up a notification in Google Cloud Pub/Sub.
  5. Using the topic name you created in Google Cloud Pub/Sub, link your Google My Business account to the topic by calling the Account.updateNotifications endpoint in the Google My Business API and begin receiving notifications.
  6. (Optional) Repeat step 5 for each Google My Business account you want to receive notifications for.

Retrieve notification settings

Gets the Google Cloud Pub/Sub notification for the account.



To get the pub/sub notification for the account, send a GET request using a URL of the following form:

This function uses Mybusiness.Accounts.getNotifications to return the data for the accounts notification.

 * Demonstrates getting notification data.
 * @param name The name (account/`account_id`/notifications) for the notification to retrieve.
 * @returns response The notification data.
private static GetNotifications getNotifications(String name) throws Exception {
  Mybusiness.Accounts.getNotifications sub =
  GetNotifications response = sub.execute();

  return response;

Update notification settings

Updates the Google Cloud Pub/Sub notification setting.



To update notification settings, send a PUT request using a URL and request body of the following form:

  name: your/pubsub/topicName

If no notification settings exist, they will be created.


This function uses Mybusiness.accounts.updateNotifications to update the notification settings for a business account.

 * Updates the notification for an account.
 * @param name The name (account/`account_id`/notifications) for the notification
   to update.
 * @param topicName Google Cloud Pub/Sub topic name.
 * @throws IOException
private static UpdateNotifications updateNotifications(String name, String topicName) throws IOException {
  Notification notification = new Notification()
  MyBusiness.Accounts.UpdateNotification updateNotification =
    mybusiness().accounts().updateNotification(name, notification);

  UpdateNotification response = updateNotification.execute();

  return response;

Delete notification settings

Deletes the Google Cloud Pub/Sub notification settings.



To delete notification settings, send a DELETE request using a URL of the following form:

This function uses Mybusiness.Accounts.DeleteNotifications to clear the notification settings.

 * Demonstrates deleting the Google Cloud Pub/Sub settings.
 * @param notificationName The name (account/`account_id`/notifications) for the notification settings to delete.
 * @returns The deleted notification setting.
private static DeleteNotifications deleteNotifications(String notificationName) throws Exception {
  Mybusiness.Accounts.DeleteNotifications toDelete =
  DeleteNotification response = toDelete.execute();

  return response;

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