Ad Types

Google Ads supports a variety of ad types, such as text, image, and mobile ads. This guide covers how to create, retrieve, and report on ads using Google Ads scripts. For an overview of all ad types supported by Google Ads, see the API guide.


Scripts can create ads using the newAd() method on AdGroup instances. This returns an AdBuilderSpace that creates builders for supported ad types.

The following snippet demonstrates how to create an expanded text ad:

let adOperation = adGroup.newAd().expandedTextAdBuilder()
    .withHeadlinePart1("First headline part")
    .withHeadlinePart2("Second headline part")
    .withDescription("Ad description")
    .withPath1("path1") // optional
    .withPath2("path2") // optional


Some information associated with all ad types is immediately available from an Ad, such as an ad's ID and approval status. Additionally, any ad can be paused, enabled, or removed.

To access fields specific to an ad's type, such as an expanded text ad's description, use the asType() method to create an AdViewSpace. This provides access to an extended version of the Ad that exposes type-specific methods.

The following snippet gets the description of every expanded text ad:

const iterator ="Type = EXPANDED_TEXT_AD").get();
while (iterator.hasNext()) {
  let ad =;
  let expandedTextAd = ad.asType().expandedTextAd();
  let description = expandedTextAd.getDescription();

Notice that the condition Type = EXPANDED_TEXT_AD ensures every ad from the iterator is an expanded text ad. Attempting to view an ad with an incorrect type will result in an error that stops your script's execution, so it's important to view type-specific fields only when an ad's type is known.

The following snippet shows how to determine if an ad is of the correct type using the Ad.isType() method:

if (ad.isType().expandedTextAd()) {
  let expandedTextAd = ad.asType().expandedTextAd();
  let headlinePart1 = expandedTextAd.getHeadlinePart1();
  let headlinePart2 = expandedTextAd.getHeadlinePart2();


The ad_group_ad view can also be used to query type-specific ad fields in addition to regular stats, such as ad_group_ad.expanded_text_ad.headline_part1. The following snippet shows how to retrieve the stats for all expanded text ads that contain "Discount Sales" in headline 1:

const results =
  "SELECT, " +
         ", " +
         "ad_group_ad.expanded_text_ad.headline_part1, " +
         "ad_group_ad.expanded_text_ad.headline_part2, " +
         "metrics.clicks, " +
         "metrics.impressions, " +
         "metrics.cost" +
  "FROM ad_group_ad " +
  "WHERE ad_group_ad.expanded_text_ad.headline_part1 = 'Discount Sales' " +

while (results.hasNext()) {
  let row =;
  let headlinePart1 = row.adGroupAd.expandedTextAd.headlinePart1;
  let headlinePart2 = row.adGroupAd.expandedTextAd.headlinePart2;

See the reports guide for more information on reporting in scripts.