Access Control

You can share the assets or compute quota of your Earth Engine enabled project with other Earth Engine users at the project level. An Earth Engine enabled project has the Earth Engine API enabled and an assets folder as described on this page. Earth Engine assets or compute can be shared with another user or group of users. If you want to share with a group of users, Create a new Google Group and note its email (available from the About link on the group page). This page describes how to provide access to resources, for either an individual or group. See also the Roles and Permissions page for details on the specific set of permissions and roles required for different activities.

Earth Engine Service Usage

To use the Earth Engine API on a Cloud Project, the API must be enabled on the project (see this page for instructions), and the user must have at least the permissions in the Earth Engine Resource Viewer role (learn more about predefined Earth Engine IAM Roles). Additionally, the user must have at least permission on the project. That permission can be can be provided through the project Owner or Editor roles, or through the specific Service Usage Consumer role. The Code Editor will show an error if the user does not have required Earth Engine permissions and Service Usage permissions on the selected project.


Asset level permissions

There are several options to update permissions at the asset level.

Project level asset permissions

Sharing at the project level sets permissions on all assets in your Earth Engine enabled Cloud Project at once.

You can share assets at the project level by assigning the appropriate Identity and Access Management (IAM) role on your project's IAM admin page. There are Predefined Earth Engine IAM Roles for sharing Earth Engine assets and resources. See Understanding Roles for a more general overview of IAM roles.

When another user attempts to access one of your assets, permissions are first checked at the asset level. If permissions have not been set at the asset level or the check fails (i.e. no access), permissions will be checked at the project level.

Setting project level permissions

To set permissions at the project level, assign a project IAM role to a user or group of users:

  1. Open the IAM page in the GCP Console
    Open the IAM Page
    Or hover over your project name on the Assets tab of the Code Editor and click the icon.
  2. Click select a project and click on your project (you should already be there if you opened the IAM page from the Code Editor.
  3. Click ADD at the top and add the individual or group email as the new member, or click on the icon next to the existing member in the project.
  4. In the Role drop down search for the Earth Engine Resource role you want to grant. See Predefined Earth Engine IAM Roles for details.
  5. Click the SAVE button.