API Monitoring

You can monitor usage of the Earth Engine API by Cloud Project from the Cloud Console. Specifically, the metrics page shows basic metrics including traffic (number of requests), errors and latency (per API method, response code or credentials). The quotas page shows the amount of stored assets in bytes and the number of read requests for the assets. The credentials page shows which credentials (for example service accounts) have been used to access the API.

Consumption Monitoring (Beta)

In addition to the standard API metrics described above, Earth Engine consumption metrics (Beta) are available to track your project's use of Earth Engine resources.

Find the metrics in the Cloud Console by going to Monitoring > Metrics Explorer from the left side navigation menu. Click SELECT A METRIC and choose one of the Earth Engine metrics to add it to the chart. Note that you may need to adjust the time range and aggregation method to observe data for your project.

Earth Engine metrics are split into compute usage metrics (as EECU-seconds) and storage metrics. You can get more insights on your compute usage by further breaking down into types as described in the following table.

Metric Description Available Type
Used EECU-seconds An EECU is an Earth Engine Compute Unit, which is a measure of processing power. The total amount of compute work performed by a task/request is expressed in EECU-seconds. compute_type: The type of computation. One of [online, batch, highvolume].
client_type: This is an optional label that represents the API client type used for the request. In many cases, the client type is not set. When it is set, common values are ee-js/latest or ee-py/0.1.xxx
Used Bytes The number of bytes of asset storage used for a given project. N/A

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