OfficeHolderSubFeed Entity

OfficeHolderSubFeed entities describe the attributes of an officeholder Feed They specify what geographies and office levels are included and when actual content is available in the Feed.


Name Tag Type Notes Multiplicity
Debug name DebugName String A descriptive name for this officeholder feed. 0 or 1
Expected office scopes OfficeScopeCollection OfficeScope The list of OfficeScope entities that specify all of the offices being held by officeholders in this OfficeholderScope. 1
Initial feed delivery date InitialDeliveryDate PartialDate When the partner expects to send the first draft of the feed. 1
Comprehensive delivery date FullDeliveryDate PartialDate When the full list of officeholders is delivered but some attributes aren't yet finalized. 0 or 1
Expected number of officeholders ExpectedOfficeholders Number The non-zero number of officeholders. An approximate estimate is okay. This entity can be empty if the number is unknown or if you have low confidence in the estimate. 0 or 1


The following example is a Feed that contains an OfficeHolderSubFeed with OfficeScope. It indicates that the Feed will be delivered in January 2024 and will contain the national level and state level officeholders for Australia:


  <DebugName>AU national and state level officeholders</DebugName>
      <DebugName>National level OH</DebugName>
      <OfficeRoles>lower house</OfficeRoles>
      <OfficeRoles>upper house</OfficeRoles>
      <DebugName>South Austria OH</DebugName>
      <OfficeLevel>Administrative Area 1</OfficeLevel>
      <OfficeRoles>state lower house</OfficeRoles>


  "OfficeHolderSubFeed": {
      "DebugName": "US national level officholders",
      "OfficeScopeCollection": {
        "OfficeScope": [
            "DebugName": "National level OH",
            "OfficeLevel": "Country",
            "JurisdictionOcdId": "ocd-division/country:au",
            "OfficeRoles": [
                "lower house",
                "upper house"
            "DebugName": "South Austria OH",
            "OfficeLevel": "Administrative Area 1",
            "JurisdictionOcdId": "ocd-division/country:au/state:sa",
            "OfficeRoles": [
                "state lower house"
      "InitialDeliveryDate": "2024-01"