The following table lists the enumerations for date status in the Contest and Election entities:

Value Description
confirmed Used when the election dates are confirmed.
canceled Used when an election is canceled.
postponed Used if an election is postponed and no new date is set. If an election is postponed and no new date has been set, set the ElectionDateStatus to postponed and leave the original StartDate and EndDate in place. When a new date is set, update the dates and set the ElectionDateStatus back to confirmed.
tentative This usually reflects that the election or contest itself is at risk of not happening, and not its date specifically. For example, a round 2 election (date is known but the contest may or may not happen depending on round 1 results), or, a very low probability snap election.
changing The election or contest is likely to happen, but the date is highly likely to change. For example, a high probability snap election whose date is being speculated, or other regional factors leading to an actual change in an election's date. Use `changing` if an election has a high risk and it is unclear if it will result in just a changed date or a canceled date.