What are agent use cases?

Each RBM agent is required to have a predefined use case. Use cases improve agent insights and provide customized application of business rules to ensure that your agent provides a delightful experience to users.

RBM supports four use cases: One-time passwords (OTP), Transactional, Promotional, and Multi-use. These use cases fulfill specific functions for users and help ensure that your agent has the appropriate business rules applied.

Choose the right use case for your agent

One-time passwords (OTP)

The OTP agent sends a one-time password required to securely authenticate an account or confirm a transaction. You can use this agent for:

  • OTP / 2FA for account log-in
  • Password resets
  • Completing online commercial transactions

This use case can't include:

  • Product information and notifications
  • Offers, promotions, discounts, upgrades, or information related to goods and services.


The Transactional agent sends notifications, updates, or alerts to share information directly relevant to a customer's existing services or products. For example:

  • Fraud and suspicious activity notifications
  • Confirmation of purchase of goods and services (e.g. appointment confirmation, ticket confirmation)
  • Updates for existing products or services of a customer (e.g. boarding pass, change of flight gate, delivery or shipping information, appointment changes)
  • Account or product information and updates (e.g. account statement, customer status, terms of use, warranty, product safety)
  • Requesting feedback regarding an existing / former product or service
  • Editorial & media content such as newsfeed, news alerts

This use case can't include:

  • Offers, promotions, discounts, upgrades for new or existing product & services


The Promotional agent sends sales, marketing, and promotional messages to new or existing customers, with the goal of increasing awareness, engagement, and sales. For example:

  • Offers, promotions, discounts, upgrades for new or existing product & services
  • Facilitation or follow-up to complete a commercial transaction that the recipient has previously consented to enter into with the sender, such as a reminder about abandoned shopping cart

This use case can't include:

  • OTP and 2FA for account log-in.
  • Time-sensitive product and service information and transactions


The Multi-use agent sends a combination of transactional and promotional messages, such as sending an account notification and then offering a discount or upgrade for a new product or service. You can only use this agent for conversations that include both transactions and promotions. For example:

  • A transaction that leads to related promotions or sales (e.g. an airline sends customer a boarding pass, and then offers a seat upgrade for purchase)
  • A promotion that leads to a purchase, followed by payment confirmation, shipping notifications, and customer satisfaction survey
  • A promotion that leads to an account creation, followed by regular account updates and notifications, such as appointment reminders
  • Transmission of pins, passwords, and passcodes for completing transactions that are part of the conversation flow

This use case can't include:

  • OTP / 2FA for account log-in
  • Password resets and any other information for secure account access
  • Transactional-only use cases
  • Promotional-only use cases

Use cases and business rules

RBM agents need to follow specific requirements depending on the country of subscribers they are reaching. Use case availability and business rules are country specific and may be updated over time.

Use Cases Available Countries 'Block & report' shown in conversation? Business rules - applicable in India only
OTP Globally No Not applicable
Transactional Globally Yes Not applicable
Promotional Globally Yes Time of day: Business should initiate conversations only from 7am-10pm (7 days a week)

Message limits: Initial limit of 4 A2P messages per brand per user per month (28 days). Google may raise or lower this limit based on agent success metrics. Messaging beyond this limit results in an error.

Note: Does not apply to P2A messages. Each time a user responds, the brand can send two additional messages.
Multi-use Not available in India Yes Not applicable