Start a conversation with Dialogflow

After you enable Dialogflow and design your agent's responses, your Dialogflow agent powers your RBM agent's conversations, interpreting and responding to users' messages.

To start a conversation, you make an API call that specifies the user's phone number and the Dialogflow intent that begins the conversation (typically your agent's welcome intent).

After you make the API call, Dialogflow sends a response to the RBM platform, which sends the message to the user's device. Messages between your RBM agent and the user are automatically forwarded to your Dialogflow agent, which handles conversation processing.


If "RBM_WELCOME_EVENT" is the event that triggers the welcome intent for your Dialogflow agent, you would run the following command to begin a conversation with a user.

  • PATH_TO_RBM_SERVICE_ACCOUNT_KEY is the path to your service account key on your development machine.
  • REGION is the region of your RBM agent (asia, europe, or us).
  • PHONE_NUMBER is the MSISDN of the user's device in E.164 format (e.g., +12223334444).
curl -X POST -H 'Content-Type: application/json' \
  -H "`oauth2l header --json PATH_TO_RBM_SERVICE_ACCOUNT_KEY rcsbusinessmessaging`" \
  '' \
  -d '{
    "eventName": "RBM_WELCOME_EVENT",
    "languageCode": "en"

For formatting and value options, see dialogflowMessages.