Sample conversations

Drive sales with personalized offers. Provide a seamless connection to GPay and a smooth return to RBM for receipt delivery.

Deliver timely payment alerts with the security of a branded chat experience. Make it easy for customers to respond with suggested-reply buttons.

Streamline the post-purchase experience with visual delivery confirmation and one-tap access to order details.

Showcase your media catalog with interactive rich cards. Enable immediate purchase with GPay. Provide an activation code, conveniently stored in Google Wallet.

Boost in-store sales with a complete solution: a discount voucher that's easily saved to Google Wallet, product carousel, store reservation, and Google Maps directions.

Identify customer issues and guide the resolution with a conversational agent. Link to your website with a suggested-action button for account access and further action.

Boost bookings with a visually captivating carousel of curated activities and suggested-reply buttons for easy booking.

Convert customers with visual reminders of abandoned cart items. Streamline checkout by linking directly to your website via suggested-action buttons.

Send reminders to help with prescription adherence. Simplify refills for over-the-counter medications with easy ordering options and Google Maps directions for pickup.

Disclaimer: These samples are for illustration purposes only.