Get a jumpstart on agent development by using one of our samples.


Agent Description Subscription type Language
RBM Intro Small code samples for each major RBM feature. Pull Node.js
First Agent This agent asks "What is your favorite color?" and echos the user's response.
All samples also include the full SDK for the RBM API.
Pull Java
Kitchen Sink This agent provides an interactive way to explore RBM's features on your device. Push Java
Product Ratings This agent models a product-rating experience for RCS-enabled devices. Pull Node.js
Two-Factor Authentication This agent demonstrates how you can support two-factor authentication over RCS. Pull Node.js
Telco Agent This agent models interactions with a fictitious telecommunication company, including checking a plan's balance, processing upgrades, and returning billing information. Push Python
Self-Serve Customer Support This agent demonstrates how a live customer support queuing system can offer self-serve options to waiting users. Users can browse service options, upgrade services, and view their bills. Pull Node.js
Acme Pizza This agent uses the RBM Node.js SDK and Google Cloud Pub/Sub to send a simple marketing message. Pull Node.js
Acme Bank This agent models banking workflows and integrates with Dialogflow for language processing and conversation fulfillment. This agent can also transition conversations to a live person in situations where the agent doesn't know how to respond. Push Java
Bonjour Rail This agent models interactions with a railway company, including ticket delivery, seat selection, and payment for food options. Push Java


Tool Description Language
Bulk Capability Check Script This script demonstrates how to use the RBM SDK to check a large set of devices for RBM capability. To run this script against devices that aren't registered as testers, your agent must be launched. Java