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Register with RCS Business Messaging

Before you can send messages to users, you need to register as a partner with RCS Business Messaging. As a partner, you can create agents for brands that you manage and send messages through those agents.


Before you get started, you need the following information:

  • Your organization's name
  • The Google account you want to use as your RCS Business Messaging Google account
  • The technical owner's

    • Name
    • Job title
    • Corporate email

Are you a carrier?

The registration process on this page is for signing up to an RBM Developer account. Proceed if you are looking to enable your developer team. However, be aware of the Organisation name you use when your developers sign up so that these agents can be identified as belonging to you.

If you are looking to get access to the RBM Administration Console then please head to this page and don't proceed further.

Best practice and recommendations

It is important to understand how the information you provide is used by RCS Business Messaging, especially for developers and aggregator partners who will launch RCS Business Messaging content with the carriers they work with.

Please read the following points carefully before submitting the form below - it is better to ensure that the information you provide is correct rather than asking for it to be changed later.

Name of your organisation

This will appear in the RBM Billing Reports that carriers receive (as the owner_name field). Carriers will use this to identify you as a trusted partner and to ensure they generate the correct invoicing information for your use of RBM to reach their subscribers.

The name you provide here should align with the name that is used in any carrier messaging contracts you have signed up to.

Google account

This is the Google account we will enable with access to the RBM APIs.

If this account is used to launch agents, the email address belonging to it will appear in the RBM Billing Reports that carriers receive (as the agent_owner field).

It is important that a carrier can identify your organisation and point of contact for billing from this email address.

Be aware that we will only grant access to individual accounts - group accounts are not allowed as its important that we maintain individual accountability.

Accounts and launching agents

When you launch agents, it is important that carriers can identify your organisation and the correct contact points for invoicing you for reaching their subscribers. Best practice is to:

  • encourage all members of your development team to have their own RCS Business Messaging developer accounts.
  • create one RCS Business Messaging developer account specifically for launching agents which has the correct billing email address and organisation name that carriers will recognize.

Submit your information

To register with RCS Business Messaging, fill out the following form. You'll receive an email once Google registers you as a partner, which can take up to three days.

Next steps

Now that you're a registered partner, you can create agents to represent the brands that you send messages for. For a guided walkthrough, see Build your first agent.