List carriers (regions)

The carrier networks where an RBM agent can be launched are defined as "regions" in the RBM Management API.

The RBM Support team maintains an up-to-date carrier list, which grows as more carriers adopt RBM.

Code snippets on this page are taken from the Java samples and Node.js samples.

List regions

You need to retrieve a list of the launchable regions before you can submit an agent for launch.


const businessCommunicationsApiHelper =

const privateKey =


businessCommunicationsApiHelper.listRegions().then((response) => {
}).catch((err) => {


List<RcsBusinessMessagingRegion> regions = api.listAllRbmLaunchRegions();
List<String> regionIds =
  .collect(Collectors.toList());"Fetched region Ids: " + regionIds);

This code returns a list of all the carriers where an agent can be submitted for launch:

  regions: [
      name: '/v1/regions/dt-germany',
      displayName: 'Germany: DT',
      managementType: 'CARRIER_MANAGED'
      name: '/v1/regions/9mobile-nigeria',
      displayName: 'Nigeria: 9 Mobile',
      managementType: 'GOOGLE_MANAGED'

Carriers which are listed as CARRIER_MANAGED operate their own approval process and charge for delivery of RBM messages to their subscribers. You need to have a commercial agreement in place directly with these carriers before you can deliver RBM messages to their subscribers.