The RBM Management API

The RBM Management API replicates the capabilities of the RBM Developer Console. This API is especially useful for aggregators and partners who operate their own campaign platforms and want to seamlessly integrate RBM as a channel.

The RBM Management API is a REST API that allows developers to programmatically do the following:

  • Create and edit RBM agent definitions and upload assets
  • Submit RBM agents for verification and launch
  • Retrieve verification and launch information

The RBM Management API is exposed as RCS extensions to Google's Business Communications API.

Sample code

To better understand how to use the RBM Management API, download the sample code in Java or Javascript (node.js):


To create and launch an agent with the RBM Management API, follow these steps:

  1. Create a brand.
  2. Create an agent in the brand.
  3. Submit the agent for verification.
  4. Submit the agent for launch with one or more carriers.
  5. Check the launch status.