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2022-08-11 runAccessReport method added to Admin API v1alpha.

The properties.runAccessReport method added to the v1alpha version of the Admin API. It returns a customized report of data access records. The report provides records of each time a user reads Google Analytics reporting data. Data Access Reports are available to Administrators of Google Analytics 360 properties.

2022-07-11 Admin API v1beta version released.

The v1beta version of the Google Analytics Admin API has been released.

Both Alpha and Beta channels of the API continue to be supported for the Admin API. Beta channel contains a subset of the features available in Alpha which are considered stable and not expected to undergo a significant change in the future. New features will be added to Beta once they mature.

2021-10-12 EnhancedMeasurementSettings methods removed from the API.

  • properties.webDataStreams.getEnhancedMeasurementSettings, properties.webDataStreams.updateEnhancedMeasurementSettings methods are removed from the API, but Enhanced Measurement settings will again be modifiable via API soon.
  • The directRoles field of the UserLink resource no longer supports predefinedRoles/manage-users role. The new predefinedRoles/admin role should be used instead, which is equivalent to the combination of the old predefinedRoles/edit and predefinedRoles/manage-users roles. This change affects the behavior of accounts.userLinks, properties.userLinks methods and is in line with the Access and data-restriction management changes introduced in the Google Analytics.

2021-06-05 Features added.

The following features are added to the API:

2021-06-05 Breaking changes.

The following breaking changes were introduced:

  • properties.iosAppDataStreams.create, properties.androidAppDataStreams.create methods were removed from the API. Please use Firebase to create application streams in a Google Analytics 4 property.
  • properties.delete method now returns the deleted property data as Property type instead of returning an empty response.
  • time_zone field of the Property type is now required.
  • deleted field removed from the Property type.
  • email_address field of the UserLink type is now immutable.
  • name field of the UserLink type is now output only.

2021-01-28 Breaking changes.

Breaking changes: - update_mask field is required for all Update operations.

  • country_code field renamed to region_code in Account.

  • url_query_parameter field renamed to uri_query_parameter in EnhancedMeasurementSettings.

  • parent field removed from GoogleAdsLink.

2020-10-20 Added support for account summaries.

Added support for account summaries method.

2020-10-13 App + Web properties renamed to Google Analytics 4 (GA4).

2020-08-15 Management App + Web API renamed to Admin API.

Google Analytics Management App + Web API has been renamed to the Google Analytics Admin API. As a result, the API endpoint has changed to Existing code written against the previous version of the API endpoint url and client libraries needs to be updated accordingly.