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2021-10-12 EnhancedMeasurementSettings methods removed from the API.

  • properties.webDataStreams.getEnhancedMeasurementSettings, properties.webDataStreams.updateEnhancedMeasurementSettings methods are removed from the API, but Enhanced Measurement settings will again be modifiable via API soon.
  • The directRoles field of the UserLink resource no longer supports predefinedRoles/manage-users role. The new predefinedRoles/admin role should be used instead, which is equivalent to the combination of the old predefinedRoles/edit and predefinedRoles/manage-users roles. This change affects the behavior of accounts.userLinks, properties.userLinks methods and is in line with the Access and data-restriction management changes introduced in the Google Analytics.

2021-06-05 Features added.

The following features are added to the API:

2021-06-05 Breaking changes.

The following breaking changes were introduced:

  • properties.iosAppDataStreams.create, properties.androidAppDataStreams.create methods were removed from the API. Please use Firebase to create application streams in a Google Analytics 4 property.
  • properties.delete method now returns the deleted property data as Property type instead of returning an empty response.
  • time_zone field of the Property type is now required.
  • deleted field removed from the Property type.
  • email_address field of the UserLink type is now immutable.
  • name field of the UserLink type is now output only.

2021-01-28 Breaking changes.

Breaking changes: - update_mask field is required for all Update operations.

  • country_code field renamed to region_code in Account.

  • url_query_parameter field renamed to uri_query_parameter in EnhancedMeasurementSettings.

  • parent field removed from GoogleAdsLink.

2020-10-20 Added support for account summaries.

Added support for account summaries method.

2020-10-13 App + Web properties renamed to Google Analytics 4 (GA4).

2020-08-15 Management App + Web API renamed to Admin API.

Google Analytics Management App + Web API has been renamed to the Google Analytics Admin API. As a result, the API endpoint has changed to Existing code written against the previous version of the API endpoint url and client libraries needs to be updated accordingly.