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Google Analytics is the go-to platform for millions of website and app owners seeking to gain a deeper understanding of their website and app performance. With Google Analytics, you can fine-tune your digital strategy, optimize your campaigns, and take your online presence to new heights.

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Google provides free courses to help you get started with Google Analytics. First, learn how Google Analytics works and create your account and property. Then, learn how to navigate the Google Analytics interface, use reports for your business, and manage the data you send.

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Learn how to set up Google Analytics 4 (the newest version of Google Analytics) on a website for the first time using Google Tag Manager.

Learn how Google Analytics 4 allows you to uncover relevant customer insights that you can quickly activate in Google’s media platforms to drive performance.

Learn the best practice methods for setting up your Google Analytics 4 account structure, including the use of Subproperties and Roll-up properties.

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Learn more about Google Analytics 360 by attending a live course with subject matter experts offered in US, Canada, and Latin America time zones.

Learn more about Google Analytics 360 by attending a live course with subject matter experts in Europe, Middle East, and Africa time zones.

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Learn how to use Google Analytics 4 APIs and developer products to automate your measurement and reporting solutions.

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