Troubleshoot Ad Manager bidding

When integrating a bidding partner that requires their SDK, the following symptoms indicate an improper integration:

  • The Ad Manager report shows significantly fewer ad requests to that partner than you expect.
  • The a3p parameter in any request after the first ad request is missing.

Follow this checklist to make sure your setup is correct:

  • In the Ad Manager UI:

    • Confirm that you have followed the specific partner's integration guide to configure third-party bidding demand.

    • Confirm that you have an ad unit mapping for each creative format. For example, if you're setting up both native and banner, you need an ad unit mapping for native and another for banner.

  • In your app code:

    • Make sure your ad unit IDs match those in the Ad Manager UI as they must match exactly.

    • Initialize the Google Mobile Ads SDK and verify that the adapter status is READY prior to loading an ad.

    • Use the latest version of the adapter and SDK binaries for the ad source you're trying to integrate with.