Testing Creative Types

The Google Mobile Ads SDK provides an API that allows you to specify a desired creative type for test queries. When the parameter is set, only creatives of the desired type are retrieved and rendered.


To use this feature, you need to specify the ft_ctype (forced test creative type) request parameter via a bundle of extras. This parameter specifies the desired creative type.

Note that this parameter will only work when in Test Mode.


Bundle extras = new Bundle();
extras.putString("ft_ctype", "video_app_install");

AdManagerAdRequest request = new AdManagerAdRequest.Builder()
    .addNetworkExtrasBundle(AdMobAdapter.class, extras)


val extras = Bundle()
extras.putString("ft_ctype", "video_app_install")

val request = AdManagerAdRequest.Builder()
    .addNetworkExtrasBundle(AdMobAdapter::class.java, extras)

Here is a list of valid values for ft_ctype:

Creative Type ft_ctype Format
HTML5 html5 Banner, Interstitial, Rewarded
App install image image_app_install Banner, Native, Interstitial, Rewarded
Display image image_display Banner, Interstitial
Display partial slot partial_slot Banner, Native, Interstitial
App install text text_app_install Banner, Native, Interstitial
Display text text_display Banner, Native, Interstitial
Trueview trueview Interstitial, Rewarded
App install video video_app_install Banner, Native, Interstitial, Rewarded


  • This feature restricts which ads are available for the request, and therefore may result in more no fills.
  • This feature impacts Google ads only. If your ad unit enables mediation, ads returned from third-party ad networks do not respect the ft_ctype parameter. We recommend testing with an ad unit that does not have mediation enabled.
  • This feature does not apply to reservation inventory, which may still serve if not explicitly disabled for the specified slot. We recommend that you test with a backfill-only ad unit.