Integrate Pangle with bidding

This guide shows you how to use the Google Mobile Ads SDK to load and display ads from Pangle using mediation, covering both waterfall and bidding integrations. It covers how to add Pangle to an ad unit's mediation configuration, and how to integrate the Pangle SDK and adapter into an Android app.

Supported integrations and ad formats

The Ad Manager mediation adapter for Pangle has the following capabilities:

Waterfall  1
App open  2
Rewarded Interstitial
1 Waterfall integration is in closed beta.

2 Bidding integration for this format is in closed beta.


  • Android API level 19 or higher

Step 1: Set up configurations in Pangle UI

Sign up or Log in to your Pangle account.

Add a new application

Navigate to the Applications tab and click the Add App button.

Select the Operating System you wish to create an application for and fill out the rest of the form. Then, click Submit.

Take note of your application's App ID.

Create an ad placement

Once your application has been created, click the Add button as shown below to create your ad placement.

Select your Ad Format and Ad Placement Name, and select In-App Bidding as the Pricing Type. Fill out the rest of the form and click Submit.

Once your ad placement is created, take note of the Ad Placement ID.