Recent updates

As Things to do evolve overtime, we will continuously make improvements to the developer documentation. You can find the list of important recent changes to the documentation below.

5 August 2022 - Feed specification now extended to support localized landing page urls

We have extended the feed spec and you can now use localized_url and localized_mobile_url in addition to url and mobile_url to specify different landing pages for different languages.

12 July 2022 - Added Find Location Matches tool documentation

We have added documentation around the newly launched Things to do Center feature - Find Location Matches tool.

1 July 2022 - Added implementation notes and additional samples to Product feed documentation

We have added implementation notes and additional sample jsons to the Product feed documentation.

13 May 2022 - Updates to landing page and title guidelines

We have added additional details to the Landing page guidelines describing in detail how list and product views should be used. The Title guidelines page has been renamed to Title and description guidelines and now includes explanations and examples of how titles and descriptions should be used.

15 Dec 2021 - Important product categories and POI address formatting

We have updated Product categories to include a list of categories which should be included when possible. We have also amended Location and point of interest guide with additional details on how string addresses should be provided.

We have added additional details with examples in Location and point of interest to clarify how related location should be used.

19 Oct 2021 - Added v0 to v1 migration guide

We have recently added Things to do migration guide for partners migrating from the legacy specification.