Product issues overview


Our goal is to provide users on Google with a comprehensive and accurate overview of “things to do”. To help you navigate the various eligibility requirements across our growing set of surfaces, we are continuously working on improving the diagnostic tools. These tools help you answer why certain products might not be shown on Google.

TTD Center “Products” page shows an overview of all the uploaded products. If a given product has eligibility issues, you can see these in the table shown on the “Products” page in addition to the respective product details page. There are three types of statuses - Ads, Free listings (admissions) and Free listings (POI experiences), and the corresponding three columns for issues: “Ads issues”, “Free listings issues (admissions)”, “Free listing issues (POI experiences).

What is an issue?

We have two types of issues:

Errors: Issues that affect the eligibility status.

⚠️ Warnings: Issues that do not affect the eligibility status, but might affect how and where the product is displayed.

Both are important to fix, but the eligibility status is only affected by the errors. Therefore, you can have the status “Ready to show”, but your products might still have issues that affect things like ranking.


There can be a lot of different product issues. If you want to filter them, you can do that directly in the table. Each of the issue columns (Ads, Admissions, POI Experiences) can be filtered separately.

Step 1: In the “Products” page, click on “Add filter”.

Filtering example - add filter

Step 2: Select the column that you want to filter.

Filtering example - select column

Step 3: Write the issue that you want to filter for. Currently this has to be manually added.

Filtering example - filter by issue

Some filtering examples are:

Issue column name Contains (ignore case) value
Ads issues Missing categories
Ads issues Generally ineligible
Free listings issues (admissions) Missing related POI with an admission
Free listings issues (admissions) Inconsistent duplicated related locations
Free listings issues (experiences) Missing image
Free listings issues (experiences) Missing price

You can find the full list of issues in this article.

CSV Download

You can download the content of the table in a CSV file. This can be used for debugging outside the TTD Center. If you apply any filter before downloading, the CSV is also filtered.

There can be multiple issues for one product. When this is the case, a special character for record separation (0x1E) follows each issue. You can use this character for parsing the cell in the CSV file.

CSV download example

Table getting too busy?

To customize the table for your specific needs, take advantage of the “Manage columns” feature to add or remove columns.