Location and point of interest

The product feed offers a number of ways for you to specify points of interest associated with the product. Google will use this information to help surface the product to users when relevant POI or destinations are being searched.

Each product option can specify one or more points of interests(POIs) related to the option via the related_location field (containing a list of RelatedLocation objects). Each RelatedLocation object contains location describing the POI in question and the relation_type describing the relationship between the POI and the product option.

Each product option may also have a meeting_point for specific tour types where the starting location is unclear and must be determined (e.g. guided tours).

In general, location in the feed spec can be represented in one of three ways (in order of preference):

  1. Google place ID: This is the preferred method of passing location information as it has the highest degree of accuracy. To get the google place id from street addresses, you can use the places API.

  2. String based address: This is the next preferred option as we can use this signal to determine the correct POI with high degree of accuracy.

  3. Latitude & longitude: This is the least preferred option as a point using latitude and longitude can represent many things e.g. city, country. If provided , we will only use this information to determine the city or general location.