Optimization guide for Operator booking module

The things to do operator booking module provides a way for tour operators to display their products on their own Google Business Profile entry. Alongside the tour operator products, tours provided by this operator through different OTAs are also shown.

This guide takes you through the work needed in order for your tour products to be shown on the operator booking module.

Provide operator information

In order for Google to accurately identify the operator, provide the following information in the product/operator field.

  • google_business_profile_name of the operator if available
  • locations/place_info representing the location of the operator including phone_number and webside_url if available

Make sure the operator name is visible on your landing page

In order to ensure user trust, the operator name must be visible on the landing page the user clicks to. This enables the user to confirm the landing page is indeed selling the products from the said operator.

Restech only: Ensure brand_name & inventory_types are correctly set

If the landing page the user is directed to is the landing page of the said operator, make sure product/brand_name and product/inventory_types are set correctly (inventory_types should contain INVENTORY_TYPE_OPERATOR_DIRECT`). This ensures the product gets official site UX treatment at time of serving.

Restech only: Work with the operator to make sure business type is correct

Operator booking module is surfaced for Google businesses of certain types, you should work with the operator ensure their Google business profile business category is set correctly.

Optimization checklist

The following checklist summarizes the best practices for products eligible for the operator booking module.