The product feed is the primary way for you to provide Google a list of things to do products which are displayed on various Google surfaces.

The supported upload format is JSON. Each JSON file must be a complete ProductFeed object and may also be uploaded in a compressed format such as ZIP, TAR, GZIP.

If there are too many products to be uploaded in a single file, You can upload the data using multiple files by having the correct FeedMetadata field in each of the uploaded. Things to do processing pipeline then consider those uploads as a single feed.

Product FeedMetadata

The FeedMetaData for the product feed lets you split a large number of products into multiple JSON files whilst still having Google treat the set of JSON files as a single upload.

The FeedMetadata in each JSON file of the same upload must contain the same nonce value (Google uses nonce to identify if the JSON files belong to the same upload set) and the same total_shard_count. The shard_id (zero indexed) identifies the piece of shard this JSON represent in an upload and must not be duplicated across the same upload. If a single JSON file contains all product data, then total_shards_count should be set to 1 and shard_id set to 0.

Product and Option feed objects

Each Product object represents a single Things to do product and must contain an unique id, title and at least one option object. A product can also optionally have additional information such as related images, detailed description and a list of features. For more detailed information of additional fields see product feed in the reference section.

Option object contained within the product is responsible for describing the various ways which a user can experience the product, different pricing options (such as adult, child, group tickets), location information as well as providing the deep links from which the user can directly book or purchase the product / experience. For more detailed information of fields, please refer to the reference section.

Product overview diagram

Add or remove products from the feed

Because the product feed only supports snapshot processing, you can add or remove products from the system by uploading a new version of the feed with the with or without the products in question respectively.