Title and description guidelines

Title and description provided by the partner to Things to do are used for two main purposes:

  • Depending on the surface and product, title and description may be displayed to the user as part of Google's user experience. For example. Things to do Ads display the title as part of the Ads carousel.

  • Used by Things to do processing pipeline as a signal to help determine service type, related points of interest and destinations.

Product title

The product title should be a straightforward and concise description of the product being offered. From the title, the users should be able to quickly understand where and what is the product on offer. To have the best user experience, the title should match the title of the landing page exactly and be no longer than 150 characters. Titles must not contain emoji and other symbols, as they are not allowed and be removed as part of processing.

Recommended: Include the location where the product is being offered.

Recommended: Describe what is being offered.

Recommended: Try to be concise and limit the title to less than 50 characters if possible.

Not Recommended: Titles that don't describe the product.

Not Recommended: Titles which are too long or overly descriptive.

Not Allowed: Discounts or promotions in titles. Titles should only describe the experience that is being offered.


Recommended Not recommended
  • Priority Access Entrance Ticket to the Louvre Museum
  • Fifa Museum: Skip the line ticket
  • One day guided tour around Paris
  • Adult Ticket
  • Fifa ⚽ Museum 🎟️

Product title and option title

If there is only a single product option, the product title may be the same as the option title. If multiple product options are provided, the option title must be unique to the option (i.e. no other options in the same product can have this title).

Product description

The product description field can be used to provide detailed descriptions about the product. In contrast with the title, the description field can accept up to 16k characters (though we recommend no more than 10k characters) and support HTML tag based formatting of the content.

The following HTML tags are supported:

  • h1-h5
  • ul, ol, li
  • strong, italic, em
  • p, br

Tags outside of the preceding list are removed during processing and whitespace / newline based formatting is not supported.