Required and recommended fields

Products from a Things to do integration can served on number of different user experiences but in general user experiences can be categorized into three different modules:

  • The booking module is designed to show products which provide basic entry to a particular point of interest. Tours are generally not allowed in the booking module unless they are the only way to experience the attraction.

  • The experiences modules are designed to showcase products related to certain points of interest, destination or when users are searching for certain types of experiences. While there may be different experience modules serving different purposes and Google does not guarantee serving.

  • The TTD Ads module allows partners to advertise products from feed on various surfaces.

The following is a list of required and recommended fields in order for a product to surface in each module, recommended fields while not mandatory will get special ux treatment and improve product performance. All other fields are considered optional.

Field Booking Module Experience Module Ads Module Operator Booking Module
products/description Recommended Recommended Recommended
products/product_features Optional Recommended Optional Optional
products/inventory_types Recommended [7] Optional Recommended [7] Recommended [7]
products/rating Recommended Recommended Recommended Recommended
products/use_media_order Optional Optional Optional Optional
products/related_media Recommended Recommended
products/options/description Recommended Recommended Recommended Recommended
products/options/landing_page_list_view Optional Recommended [1] Recommended [2] Optional
products/options/related_locations [3] Optional
products/options/option_categories [4] Recommended Recommended Recommended
products/options/cancellation_policy Recommended Recommended Recommended Recommended
products/options/languages Recommended Recommended Recommended Recommended
products/fulfillment_type Recommended Recommended Recommended Recommended
products/operator [5] [5] [5]
products/brand_name [6] [6] [6] [6]
products/operator/name deprecated [6] [6] [6] [6]
products/operator/locations Optional Optional Optional

[1] Experience module may choose to use list view in some future version.

[2] Ads module will always use landing_page_list_view if available.

[3] Products for the Booking Module must be marked with RELATION_TYPE_ADMISSION_TICKET.

[4] “self-guided” category must be set for non-tour based products.

[5] “operator” must be set by non-OTA partners.

[6] "brand_name" or "operator/name" must be set by non-OTA partners. If set by OTA partners, it must be the brand name of the OTA or not set at all.

[7] "inventory_types" must be set by non-OTA partners in order to get official product treatment for official attraction tickets and 1st party experiences.