Find Location Matches tool


Multiple options are available for specifying the location of a POI in the product feed. The preferred method is to provide the Place ID of a POI as this method has the highest degree of accuracy. The other two available options are to use the name and address of a POI (less preferred) or latitude & longitude information (least preferred). However, in these cases the resulting mappings are more ambiguous and mismatched locations are more likely.

The new Find Location Matches tool in the Things to do Center lets you to:

  • Explore and verify potential location mappings for POIs based on Place ID, name or address and helps to resolve ambiguities concerning your products.
  • Obtain the Place ID of a POI without having to use the Places API.
  • Learn about the eligibility of a POI (see below).

Free listings eligibility

Only POIs that have a certain touristic relevance are eligible for displaying ticketing information of related products on surfaces like Google Search. The Free listings eligibility field denotes whether a returned POI qualifies for Free Listings Admissions and Experiences.


Use the free-form input field to enter information identifying a POI. The supported information includes Place IDs, POI names and address information. Latitude and longitude coordinates are not supported.

Find Location Matches tool

You can use the file upload functionality to research multiple POIs at the same time. The input file should be a plain text file without formatting information. Each line of the file input corresponds to one search term in the free-form search field. See below for an example.

Eiffel Tower, 5 Av. Anatole France, 75007 Paris, France


Disneyland Paris, Bd de Parc, 77700 Coupvray, France

To save results returned by the tool for later inspection, click the ellipsis (⋮) button to download a CSV file containing the results.