KML Support in Google Maps

This page outlines KML support in Google Maps and Google Maps for mobile.

KML in Google Maps

Google Maps supports the following KML elements:

  • Placemarks
  • Icons
  • Folders
  • Descriptive HTML
    • Entity replacement via <BalloonStyle> and <text>
  • KMZ (compressed KML, including attached images)
  • Polylines and polygons
  • Styles for polylines and polygons, including color, fill, and opacity
  • Network links to import data dynamically
  • Ground overlays and screen overlays

This list does not apply to Google Earth's export to Google Maps, My Maps import, or My Maps export to Google Earth.

The KML parser generally silently ignores XML tags it does not understand. Refer to KML Elements in Google Maps for further details.

Size and Complexity Restrictions for KML Rendering in Google Maps

Google Maps currently has specific limitations to the size and complexity of loaded KML files. Below is a summary of the current limits:

Note: these limits are temporary and are subject to change at any time.

Maximum fetched file size (raw KML, raw GeoRSS, or compressed KMZ) 3MB
Maximum uncompressed KML file size 10MB
Maximum number of Network Links 10
Maximum number of total document-wide features 1,000

There is a limit on the number of KML Layers that can be displayed on a single Google Map. If you exceed this limit, none of your layers will display. The limit is based on the total length of all URLs passed to the KMLLayer class, and consequently will vary by application; on average, you should be able to load between 10 and 20 layers without hitting the limit.

KML in Google Maps for Mobile

Google Maps for mobile supports this subset of KML elements:

  • Placemarks with <name> elements
  • Points
  • Icons
  • Folders
  • HTML in the <description> element (text formatting, images, lists, tables, and other HTML elements)
  • KMZ (compressed KML, including attached images)
  • LineStrings and Polygons
  • Styles for polylines and polygons, including color, fill, and opacity

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