Product overview

Google Ads scripts provide a way to programmatically control your Google Ads data using simple JavaScript in a browser-based IDE. You can use scripts to automate common procedures or interact with external data—for one to many Google Ads accounts.

Getting started

Only entry-level familiarity with JavaScript is needed—the IDE helps with syntax highlighting, auto-complete, and previewing. All you need is a Google Ads account to start writing your first script.

New experience information

This documentation is for the new Google Ads scripts experience that has a completely rewritten backend to take advantage of new features in the Google Ads API. To get started using the new infrastructure, use the toggle at the top of your script editor.

Some advantages of the new infrastructure include:

  • Support for ES6 (a more modern version of JavaScript)
  • Improved performance in many cases
  • Better validation during previews
  • Proper campaign bidding strategy support


If you have any feedback on Google Ads scripts, we would love to hear it! Please reach out to us on our forum.