Execution Logs

Google Ads scripts display two types of execution logs, both in preview mode and in real executions: Changes log and Logger output.

Changes log

Changes logs display all changes to Google Ads entities performed by the script: entity description, type of change, value before and after, and errors (if any):

Changes logs can be further filtered to only display errors.

Logger output

Whenever you execute Logger.log("Hello world!"); in a script, "Hello world!" will show in logger output. Logging bits of text is particularly useful during debugging of a script, but is often helpful during live executions too. Suppose the following script is scheduled to run daily:

var spreadsheet = SpreadsheetApp.create("Daily Report");
// Populate the spreadsheet.
// ...
Logger.log("Daily report ready!");

Upon every execution, the script will log the URL of the newly created spreadsheet, which will make it all the easier to find later.

In addition to programmer-specified logs, Google Ads scripts will use text logs for errors and warnings.