Blockly is an open-source project with a strong community, and we welcome your contributions.

How you can help

If you're not sure where to start, or if you're new to our codebase, take a look at cleanup bugs. These bugs are often easy to chip away at and can help you explore our codebase.

Some rules

  • All pull requests in core must be made against the develop branch.
  • You must fill out the pull request template with relevant details.
  • All code must conform to Google's JavaScript Style Guide. We are pedantic about consistency.
  • Any new code files must be prefixed with the Apache License, Version 2.0. We won't mix licenses.
  • User-visible strings must be in the /msg directory so they may be translated. Less than 6% of the world speaks English natively.
  • Text on blocks should generally be all lowercase (just like the keywords in most programming languages).
  • Maintain backwards compatibility. There are a lot of Blockly apps out there, don't break everyone else.

Talk to us!

Help us focus our development efforts by telling us what you are doing with Blockly. The questionnaire only takes a few minutes and will help us better support the Blockly community.

Or join our newsgroup for developers and say hello. Show us your prototypes early; collectively we have a lot of experience and can offer hints which will save you time. Plus, we always love to hear about new projects and use cases for Blockly!