AdWords scripts


This page outlines various limits and limitations in AdWords scripts that you should be aware of. These limits can change at any time without warning, so ensure that your scripts are flexible and contain error handling.

Execution limits

  • Scripts can execute for a maximum of 30 minutes, after which time they will be cancelled. All of the changes made before the script was cancelled will be applied.
  • A single iterator will return at most 50,000 entities (keywords, ads, ad groups, or campaigns). iterator.hasNext() will return false after that, and a warning will be logged.
  • A single script can process at most 250,000 entities of all types. iterator.hasNext() will return false afterwards for any iterator, and a warning will be logged.
  • A single script can create 250,000 keywords and ads at the most. Successive attempts to create entities will fail, and a warning will be logged.
  • Logging output will be truncated at 100Kb. A warning will be logged if that happens.

Authorized scripts

OAuth2 is used to authorize scripts. Each account has a limit of 250 authorized scripts. Beyond that limit, one of the previously authorized scripts will be deauthorized. This is only temporary, and the script can be reauthorized the next time it is opened.

Other limitations

AdWords Express and AdWords for video
These types of campaigns cannot be used with AdWords scripts. A CampaignSelector (such as in AdWordsApp.campaigns().get()) will automatically filter these campaigns from the results. AdWords scripts can be used in accounts managed by AdWords Express, but any campaigns created will be regular non-express campaigns.

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