AdWords scripts

AdWords scripts provide a new way to programmatically access AdWords data: write simple JavaScript in an IDE embedded directly into the web application!

Scripts can be automated

Scripts can be scheduled to execute periodically on your behalf, as frequently as every hour.

Scripts talk to external data sources

Scripts can interact with Google Spreadsheets, send emails, and fetch data from arbitrary URLs.

Scripts can access important AdWords entity types

In addition to the usual suspects—Campaigns, Ad groups, Keywords, and Ads—Scripts can manage Ad Params and Labels.

Scripts can solve a range of problems
  • Quick one-time tools
  • Highly customized reporting
  • Account alerts
  • External feed-based triggers

Get started
Only entry-level familiarity with JavaScript is needed; the IDE helps with syntax highlighting, auto-complete, and previewing. All you need is an AdWords account to start writing your first script!

Need help?
Join the AdWords scripts forum to get help or share advice on AdWords scripts.

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