Product names

A few notes about product names.

Shortening Google product names

When referring to a Google product, sometimes you may want to abbreviate the product name. For example, when you're referring to Google Spreadsheets, it may be awkward to refer to it as Google Spreadsheets every time; sometimes you may want to call it Spreadsheets.

Use the full trademarked product name whenever possible. In particular, use it the first time the product is mentioned on the page, and in the document title and headings, and wherever it's especially prominent.

However, in some contexts, space or aesthetic considerations demand shortening in less-prominent instances of the product name. That's okay, as long as you continue to make clear that you're talking about the Google product and not some other thing with a similar name.

Possessives of product names

For information about forming possessives with product names, see Company- and product-name possessives.

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