Notes, cautions, warnings, and other notices

To give the reader important or useful information that isn't part of the flow of the text, use one of the following notice types:

An ordinary note or tip.
Suggests proceeding with caution.
Stronger than a Caution; it means "Don't do this."
Describes a successful action or an error-free status. Used only in interactive or dynamic content; don't use in ordinary static pages.

Where possible, avoid grouping two or more notices together. If you find it necessary to do so (for example, a note with a caution inside it, or several warnings one after another), consider re-organizing the content.

Visual presentation and code

Use whatever visual presentation for notices is standard for your site.

If you're writing in HTML and your site doesn't specify what HTML to use for notices, we recommend using HTML code similar to the following example:

<aside class="note"><b>Note:</b> All VPC networks include firewall