Making headings into link targets

To add a link target to a heading in HTML, add an id attribute to the <section> element that surrounds the heading's section. Don't use <a name>.

To add a link target to a heading in Markdown, add the following to the end of the line that the heading is on: {: #id-of-anchor }. Replace id-of-anchor with the ID for this heading.

In both HTML and Markdown, use lowercase for id values, and put hyphens between words.

Not recommended (HTML version):

<h2><a name="Introduction_To_Everything">Introduction to everything</a></h2>

Also not recommended (HTML version):

<a name="Introduction_To_Everything"></a>
<h2>Introduction to everything</h2>

Acceptable (HTML version):

<h2 id="introduction-to-everything">Introduction to everything</h2>

Recommended (HTML version):

<section id="introduction-to-everything">
<h2>Introduction to everything</h2>

Recommended (Markdown version):

## Introduction to everything {: #introduction-to-everything }