Creating a case study

Current phase:
Results announced. See timeline.

As part of Google Season of Docs, organizations are required to submit a final evaluation and case study. Use our case study template and sample case study as guides to create your own project's case study.

The final evaluation form will be available no less than one month before November 21, 2023 at 18:00 UTC.

Case study guidance

  • Keeping a weekly log of project updates will help you create your case study. For each week, record project progress (including links to pull requests, issues, or conversations, where useful), what went well (or not well), things you learned, and questions that were asked.
  • When writing your case study, be kind. Avoid blame and keep it constructive. Remember that case studies are public!
  • Use the same tone in your case study as you would for a blog post or tutorial; don’t be overly formal.