Creating an organization application

Current phase:
Documentation development. See timeline.

This page contains guidelines for organization administrators on how to create an application to take part in Google Season of Docs. This information helps you understand what the Google program administrators look for when selecting organizations for Google Season of Docs.

The application form

The application form is available in the organization administrator guide during the organization application phase.

Your project proposal should be publicly available. You will include the link to your project proposal in the application form. Use the project proposal template to help you create your project proposal.

After submitting the form, you can continue updating the information on the form until the end of the organization application phase (April 2, 2024).

Other factors

In addition to the content of the organization's application, the Google program administrators take the following factors into account when selecting organizations:

  • Open source projects should be active. For example, the Google program administrators may look at the number of contributors and the contribution trends on GitHub.
  • Google Season of Docs aims for a diversity of projects. The Google program administrators examine the set of candidate organizations and make a balanced selection to ensure that there's a range of organization types, industries, geographical areas, product types, and organization sizes.
  • Google Season of Docs can only accept a certain number of projects. The number of projects accepted depends on the total budget requests of all applying projects.
  • The open source organization must be eligible to participate in Google Season of Docs, as described in the program rules.