Current phase:
Results announced timeline.

Acceptance date

The date accepted technical writing projects are announced on the Season of Docs website. See the full timeline.


A review by the organization administrator of their technical writing project.


Google Summer of Code (a similar program, but not related to Season of Docs).


An open source, free software or technology-related project that creates documentation and works with a technical writer through Season of Docs.

Organization administrator

An organization administrator oversees the progress of an organization and its technical writers throughout the program. Duties include creating the org application to take part in Season of Docs, inviting volunteers, making sure all evaluations have been completed, and dealing with grants.

Program administrator

One of the Google employees who run the Season of Docs program.

Documentation project / project

A open source documentation project. Once an organization’s proposal is accepted it then becomes known as a project for the remainder of the Season of Docs program.

Project proposal / proposal

The written document that an organization administrator submits describing the project they want to work during Season of Docs.


Coordinated Universal Time

Umbrella organization

A larger project/organization that includes some smaller, related open source projects as part of their community. Examples of umbrella organizations include the Apache Foundation and Python Software Foundation.