Congratulations to the following open source organizations on successfully completing their Season of Docs projects!

This page shows the results for all 2021 projects.

Open source organization Season of Docs page Budget Accepted project proposal Case study SoD page budget

Create and update HowTo Guides and Tutorials Case Study


afl++ SoD page

afl++ budget

Restructure afl++'s documentation

afl++ Case Study


ArviZ SoD page

ArviZ budget

Update online docs for ease of exploration and usability

ArviZ Case Study


BRL-CAD SoD page

BRL-CAD budget

Migrate BRL-CAD's Documentation Infrastructure

BRL-CAD Case Study

Curious Reader

Curious Reader SoD page

Curious Reader budget

Curious Learning: Book Creator Documentation

Curious Reader Case Study


FOLIO SoD page

FOLIO budget

Update FOLIO End User and System Administrator Guides

FOLIO Case Study


HPX SoD page

HPX budget

Improve discoverability of content

HPX Case Study


Kolibri SoD page

Kolibri budget

Document context for translatable user interface strings

Kolibri Case Study


LitmusChaos SoD page

LitmusChaos budget

Create Tutorials for Litmus 2.0

LitmusChaos Case Study


Metanorma SoD page

Metanorma budget

Metanorma authoring guide for new users

Metanorma Case Study


MicroPython SoD page

MicroPython budget

Update MicroPython port documentation

MicroPython Case Study

moja global

moja global SoD page

moja global budget

Develop a content strategy to consolidate and promote documentation for the FLINT

moja global Case Study


NumPy SoD page

NumPy budget

High-Level Restructuring and End-User Focus

NumPy Case Study

Open Contracting Data Standard

OCDS SoD page

OCDS budget

Align the Guidance and Reference sections of the OCDS

OCDS Case Study


OpenMRS SoD page

OpenMRS budget

Sustainable OpenMRS Getting Started Guides

OpenMRS Case Study


OpenMS SoD page

OpenMS budget

Restructuring OpenMS Developer Documentation

OpenMS Case Study


Oppia SoD page

Oppia budget

Improve the Oppia Developer Guide

Oppia Case Study


p5.js SoD page

p5.js budget

Onboarding New Contributors, Processing Foundation

p5.js Case Study

Performance Co-Pilot

Performance Co-Pilot SoD page

Performance Co-Pilot budget

Task-based Guides

Performance Co-Pilot Case Study


Perl SoD page

Perl budget

Audit Perl's documentation

Perl Case Study

Purr Data

Purr Data SoD page

Purr Data budget

Create Interactive Web Tutorials

Purr Data Case Study


PyMC3 SoD page

PyMC3 budget

Fundamental Updates to PyMC3's Teaching Resources

PyMC3 Case Study


PyTorch-Ignite SoD page

PyTorch-Ignite budget

Refresh our documentation and tutorials

PyTorch-Ignite Case Study


Redocly SoD page

Redocly budget

Contribute to documenting Redocly's open-source tools

Redocly Case Study


ROS2 SoD page

ROS2 budget

Create intermediate tutorials

ROS2 Case Study


SymPy SoD page

SymPy budget

Documentation Organization

SymPy Case Study

The Julia Language

The Julia Language SoD page

The Julia Language budget

Create a Comprehensive Julia Contributing Guide

The Julia Language Case Study

The Mifos Initiative

The Mifos Initiative SoD page

The Mifos Initiative budget

Consolidate Documentation into Mifos Developer Portal

The Mifos Initiative Case Study

The R Project

The R Project SoD page

The R Project budget

Organize useR! Conference Documentation

The R Project Case Study


Wechaty SoD page

Wechaty budget

Create easy to learn tutorials for beginner users

Wechaty Case Study