FHIR Views

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FHIR Views is a way to define tabular views over complex FHIR data – making that data easy to use in your favorite analytics tools.

FHIR Views has two main concepts:

  1. A view definition, which defines the fields and criteria created by a view. It provides a Python API for convenience, but ultimately a view definition is a set of FHIRPath expressions that we'll explore below.
  2. A view runner, which creates that view over some data source using SQL-on-FHIR conventions. Future runners may run over JSON exports or even FHIR services directly for low-volume data. Currently BigQuery and Spark are supported.

Using FHIR Views, otherwise complex SQL queries can be defined using FHIRPath expressions that are then transpiled into SQL to be executed against a specific data source.This greatly simplified the process of defining views for powering dashboards or jupyter notebooks.

See example Jupyter notebooks for:

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