Android FHIR SDK

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The Android FHIR SDK is a set of Kotlin libraries for building offline-capable, mobile-first healthcare applications using the HL7 FHIR® standard on Android.

The Android FHIR SDK has been developed as part of a close collaboration with the World Health Organization to support the WHO SMART Guidelines, which are based on the FHIR Clinical Guidelines IG.

Using the SDK, developers can quickly build and deploy different types of FHIR-native mobile health applications for a range of common and advanced use cases.

Benefits to developers

Easily leverage the FHIR specification to:

  • Build mobile health solutions using a common data model (based on HAPI FHIR Structures)
  • Promote interoperability and create future-proof solutions
  • Leverage shared content being produced by the ecosystem such as WHO SMART Guidelines

Save time and effort:

  • Provides suite of APIs that help developers solve common pain points such as sync and full offline capabilities
  • Quickly turn FHIR Questionnaires into forms using in-built UI widgets
  • Build complex flows with advanced form behaviors powered by FHIRPath Expressions

On-device clinical reasoning:

The Android FHIR SDK is made up of three libraries: