Introduction to Open Health Stack

Open Health Stack (OHS) is a suite of open source components and developer resources designed to help accelerate development of interoperable digital health solutions with a focus on standards, security, and advanced analytics.

By using OHS components developers can spend less time solving common technical problems and more time building next-gen digital health solutions.

OHS is designed to meet the specific needs of developers and implementers building and deploying FHIR -based solutions for healthcare workers.

With OHS developers can:

  • Build faster: Build FHIR-native Android apps that are secure, offline-capable, and configurable
  • Enhance privacy: Control access to sensitive data, enhancing privacy for patients and healthcare workers
  • Unlock insights: Query FHIR Resources to generate insights that can be used to populate dashboards, and enable better care decisions

OHS Components

OHS is a set of modular components that you can use individually or together. Individually, each of the components addresses a common set of problems for developers, provides a rich set of features, and is designed for the global health context. Together, the components provide the foundation for developers to build end-to-end FHIR-enabled solutions.

Read about how OHS components support common use cases.

Learn more about the OHS components and resources for developers: