FHIR Info Gateway

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When deploying digital health solutions, preserving patient data privacy is key.

The FHIR Info Gateway makes it easier for developers to enforce organizational role based access control (RBAC) policies when working with FHIR data.

FHIR Info Gateway is a reverse proxy which controls client access to FHIR resources on a server by checking requests for authorization to a FHIR URL or search query. FHIR Info Gateway enables authorization and access-control between a client application and a FHIR server when used along with any OpenID Connect compliant Identity Provider (IdP) and Authorization server (AuthZ). It currently supports Keycloak as the IDP+AuthZ provider and has been tested with HAPI FHIR or Cloud Healthcare API FHIR store as the FHIR server.

FHIR Info Gateway features include:

  • A stand-alone service that can work with FHIR compliant servers
  • A pluggable architecture for defining an access-checkers to allow for implementation configurability
  • Query filtering to block/allow specific queries such as for disabling joins

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