FHIR Engine Library

The FHIR Engine Library allows developers to create health applications for Android that are powerful, offline-capable, and interoperable, all built on the FHIR standard.

The FHIR Engine Library stores FHIR resources in an encrypted local database and provides a suite of APIs for managing FHIR resources. Applications can use these APIs to search for local FHIR resources, build patient lists, display detailed patient records, and synchronize FHIR resources with any FHIR-compliant server. This allows applications to operate offline and update when there's an internet connection.

Features include:

  • Local storage of FHIR resources, encrypted by default.
  • Data Access APIs for managing FHIR resources, based on FHIR R4 with planned support for future versions.
  • Search APIs built on a fluent Kotlin Domain Specific Language (DSL), allowing you to search for FHIR resources using a structured query language.
  • Sync APIs for bidirectional synchronization between an Android app and a FHIR-compliant server, such as HAPI FHIR or the Cloud Healthcare API.

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