Example apps and code samples

The demo applications and code samples can help you quickly get started with OHS components:

  • Structured Data Capture Catalog App: In this demo app you can see and interact with components and layouts that are supported by the Structured Data Capture library. Build and run instructions

  • FHIR Engine Demo App: This demo application showcases many of the core capabilities of the FHIR Engine Library. The Demo app uses the public HAPI FHIR demo server as the server to sync with and all data is visible to anyone on the internet. Build and run instructions

  • OHS based FHIR app example repository: This example repository contains code samples and instructions for using the OHS components together. It includes a demo Android app that uses the Android FHIR SDK to show a patient registration questionnaire and save responses locally. It also syncs data with a FHIR server through the FHIR Info Gateway, which provides access control to FHIR resources based on the authenticated user. Finally, FHIR Data Pipes periodically transform the data to Parquet files that you can query to perform analytics. Go to the FHIR app examples repository